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Time Deposits are the highest yielding deposit accounts we offer. Maturities of 32 days to five years are available in automatically renewable or fixed maturity types to individuals, businesses, and other organizations. The 182-Day Time Deposit features an add-on provision. Large Time Deposits, i.e., those for $100,000 or more, are called "Jumbo" Time Deposits. Interest can be paid by a credit to your checking account or added back to your Time Deposit or by a check mailed to you.
To see rates and yields on Time Deposits, click here.
  • $2,500 to open a Time Deposit
  • $100,000 to open Jumbo Time Deposit
  • Penalty charges: Penalties for early withdrawal are substantial.
IRAs are special savings accounts, qualifying under Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations intended to encourage people to save for their retirement. Traditional IRAs as well as SEPs, Roth, and Educational IRAs are available. Minimum annual withdrawals are required beginning at age 701/2 for retirement IRAs. FNB IRAs are invested in Time Deposit accounts.

Penalty charges: 10% excise tax if withdrawn before age 591/2 (in addition to any early withdrawal charges).